A super versatile recipe with multiple functions.
50 cm x 18 cm
5 cm = 8 sts in bar point 1 × 1


This is a very simple piece for beginners. For a more beautiful result, I would start with a temporary montage and sew with grafting at the end or sewing with 3 needles.


Mount 24 points. Work on 1 × 1 bar point for 16 rows.

In the first 8 points for 36 runs (leaving the 16 remaining points on hold).

Cut the wire and repeat the operation. Then cut the wire again and repeat the 8 points at the end of the stroke.

You will have three strips like this:

Then you will cross the three strips to make a braid.

Tie the yarn back at the beginning of the row and do another 16 rows in 1 × 1 bar point.