Great Pattern And Tutorial

18 November 2019, 12:28


Great Pattern And Tutorial

Классный узор спицами от @izmalok!


16 May, 14:38
Very Beautiful Pattern Video Tutorial

Please click to image or link below to view video tutorial: knittingpattern knittin

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16 May, 14:14
Beautiful Crochet Dress Pattern

Beautiful dress patterns Click to link below to view patterns: crochet crochetdress

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12 May, 20:35
This Stitch Pattern, Full Of Lovely Texture

Full of lovely texture, this stitch pattern was inspired by a crochet broomstick stitch. I spent quite some time fine-tuning it to my liking, and now

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12 May, 13:41
Crochet Tutorial

crochet crochettutorial video Click link below to view video and more instructions :

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12 May, 13:09
Knitting Pattern Video Tutorial And Instructions

Pattern repeat 3 loops + 2 edging, 2 rows high. 1st row: * 2nd loop of the front and without removing the 1st loop (cross the loop), wrong * 2 row:

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10 May, 14:02
Great Star Stitch Pattern Tutorial

Раскрываем невероятные возможности «звездного» узора! 💥💥💥🔥 Приемы тунисскрго вязания в сочетании с классическим, позволяют получить волшебное непр

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18 March, 19:01
Knitting A Teddy Bear Amigurumi Pattern Large Soft Toy. Teddy Bear. Crochet Plush

When loading a PDF, a return is not possible! Level: Intermediate. Finished toy about 45cm. (17.7 ') This template includes: - recommendations for t

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12 February, 19:39
Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

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4 January, 11:15

Красивый ажур спицами для вашего вдохновения. Сохраняйте к себе в копилочку, вдруг пригодится ??

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30 March, 02:13

Knitting Tutorial - chenilleyarn,jumboyarn-Gwahhh! You guys! My collab with darngoodyarn is live!! I had SO much fun with this and the best part... y

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27 February, 14:16
Icelandic Bind Off - Step by Step | 10 rows a day

Knitting Tutorial - knittingbasics,knittinginstructions-There is not much information as to how the Icelandic bind off has got its name. Was it invent

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14 February, 16:24
5 Ways to Make Neat Side Edges | 10 rows a day

Knit Scarves - knitting_tutorial,howtoknit-When we knit scarves, blankets and other projects that have exposed sides, the look of those sides can make

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14 February, 11:05
Alternating Two-color Long-tail Cast-on for Corrugated Ribbing [TUTORI

Knitting Tutorial - knit,tutorial-Here are two tutorials for the techniques used in the Horror-riffic Halloween Mystery Mittens: a two-color cast-on f

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14 February, 09:48
How To Knit In The Round | Handy Little Me

Knitting Tutorial - knittingintheround,knittingbasics-Learn how to knit in the round with this easy to follow video tutorial. If you are learning how

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28 October 2019, 23:34

Knitting - premknits,mybluprint-Just got back from a great Monday AM yoga sesh at flippeddogyoga ✌🏻and of course had to wear my new sidebraidbeanie

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25 October 2019, 13:56

Knitting - mybluprint,cableknitting-Yes! You CAN knit cables. This beanie design is my project showcase called “Knit Cabled Hat” for therealbluprint.

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17 October 2019, 20:56

Knit Scarves - ribbingstitches,knittingpattern-An elegant variant of the well known Rib stitch, the Slip Stitch Rib is perfect for scarves, cowls, bag

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23 September 2019, 21:08

Knitting Tutorial - instaknit,instavideo-GARTER STITCH INTARSIA - RS this is a technique used in my Parallelo & Korra patterns, and less obviously in

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